Thursday, October 29, 2009

Well I know I have one reader

Dooo da doo da dooo. Oh let me just take a gander at warming glow, what's this development news"

NBC GREENLIGHTS CRIME-SOLVING MAGICIAN. Yeah, those words just happened. Crime-solving magician. Variety: “The concept centers on a master magician whose career is in ruins after he develops stage fright and agoraphobia; an elite law enforcement agency recruits him to take an unusual approach to cracking tough cases.” *praying* Listen, God, I’m sorry if I’ve doubted you recently. Just send the swarms of locusts, okay? Anything but this. Amen.


Jesus NBC, I knew you were desperate for ideas, but stealing from this crappy site?! I don't even post that often. You could do better, much, much better.

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